The House that Gave out Sucky Treats and Saving Moments

Homestarrunner’s 2015’s Halloween toon was not good.  It was bad.  It was a bad toon.  It had three gimmicks in one, none of which were coherent or particularly funny.  This is disappointing because their 2014 comeback was actually in form.  Anyways below, please find 2015’s The House that Gave Sucky Tricks. 

In fact, that toon was so bad, that I’m going to talk about its namesake instead.   2001’s The House that Gave Sucky Treats.  Play the original choose-your-own-adventure flash game here (suggested):

Or, here is a youtube version:

There’s a billion fantastic one liners in here, something The house that Gave Sucky Tricks was sorely missing.  Favorites include:

  • (Upon giving Marizpan/Joan Jett candy corn) Do you have any real corn? Or Indian corn?
  • (Upon giving Strong Bad/ Carmen “Frickin’” Sandiego an apple) What are you, some sort of hippie? Or a dentist? Or some sort of hippie dentist?
  • (Upon giving the KoT/Hagar the Horrible butter) Oooh, A Stick of butter! (Eats) Trick or Treat… again….Please?

But perhaps the best one liner does not come from the main body of the toon at all, but rather the extra discussion that takes place as the characters stand still, waiting for you to vote for the best.  Strong sad suddenly chimes in with:

“Did you guys go to that house where they let you into this big room and there’s all these people wearing black hoods and they ask you these questions about life and existence and if you answer them wrong you get eternal damnation, but if you answer them right you get a Twizzler?”

Strong Sad is the only character to have this experience.  And what a fantastic, spooky, enigma of an occurrence it was.

It’s a reminder of when the odd, the dangerous, the spooky, and the forcefully enter into mundane time.  Something that Halloween, and indeed all holidays, should do for humanity.  Yet Strong Sad was fortunate enough to have a singular experience, not experienced by the rest of the community.

When has the other worldly, the non-material, the spooky, the inexplicable suddenly entered your life?  Relish it, love it, learn from it, no matter how much it forced you out of your comfort zone. Own your “that house…” experience.

You know what else I love about that line, that even as it disrupts daily life, it celebrates it.  If you get the questions wrong you get eternal damnation, but the equal and opposite force is not eternal salvation.  Rather it’s a twizzler.  A single twizzler.  They lay out a confectionary soteriology.  The here and now, a simple processed sugar, that can be your salvation.

This cartoon is beautiful.

Share your otherworldly experience below, and then treat yourself to some candy.


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