Finding your Witches’ Brew or Re-enchanting your life with a Halloween Potion-ma-jig

Homestar loves Witches’ Brews.  From the first time Homestar/Strong Bad asks the cheat if if Coach Z’s pumpkin is ”some sort of witches’ brew” in the Pumpkin Carve-nival

to when he deals in “witches Brüe” in Halloween Fair-stival….

Homestar seems fascinated by this hexical concoction.

This theme comes to fruition in an episode unfortunately not called Some Kind of Witches Brew, but instead Halloween Potion-ma-jig.

As I watch these episodes, I only wish my life could be as enchanted as the denizens of Free Country, USA.  Marzipan and Homestar can make a potion-ma-gig, a witches’ brew, out of ghost water, 10 Herbs and spices, Essence of doo doo Meringue, mixed with a terlet brushed, and chanted over by the sacred words “Loquentia, Imbruglia, Precitpitous, Saraleecheesecake, Denouement.”

If I have just one wish on this All Hallow’s Eve, it’s that I’ll be able to take the mundane, the tasty, the imaginary, the tricksy, the ancient, and the absurd and make my own witches brew.  What form will it take?  What will chance offer up to me?

Keep your life enchanted!  It doesn’t matter how.  A Jurassic Park 3 collector’s spoon sounds like a fantastic magic wand to me.

JP3 spoon


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