Come on in Here: Imagining Eternity with Jibblies 2

Nothing says Halloween like last decade’s flash cartoons.  And no one marked (and continues to mark) the sacred time of Halloween quite like the Brothers chap.  I hope you’ll join me as I wax philosophical with Homestar Runner.

First off, Jibblies 2.  It’s the reboot of the reimagining of the reinvention of the original!  This is 2007’s Halloween toon. Go here to watch it on the site or it’s embedded below from youtube

So the some-sort-of-demon (the Rocoulm) creeps  on everyone giving them the Jibblies until Homestar, in all of his innocence, simply accepts the invite and goes on in there.  The Rocoulm really just loves to entertain.  He’s not particularly malicious.  The real creepiness doesn’t enter until Homestar agrees to stay in the painting-of-some-kind-of-demon for an eternity.  In exchange the Rocoulm de-jibblizes all of the characters (even the lame ones).  The truly unnerving part is the next scene where Homestar, sitting in the painting drinking tea with the SSoD, asks “Soooo…is it eternity yet?”

-Beep Beep Beep.  Your eternity alarm is going off!-

Indeed, eternity doesn’t end.  It’s usually assumed to also have never begun.  It simply exists.  It goes on forever.  Homestar must endure a tea party forever.  I get tired of doing things I like after a few hours, can you imagine having a tea party last for eternity?  Or doing anything for eternity?

The concept of living forever works if it comes with a transcendence of task.  If you are brought into an eternity where your state of being is totally changed, then maybe forever works.  But in an eternity where you are completing any sort of task, time is marked.  Perhaps no longer by seconds, minutes, or hours, but by completion and execution of deeds. An eternity where you are a doer of things would be maddening from the monotony.

So no, I will not be taking my eternity drinking tea, playing the harp, chopping a log, or anything else.  If I must live eternally, I better have become one with said eternity, no longer cognizant of the rotation of stars, the stacking of books, the breathing of air, the vibration of atoms.

I will not go on in there Rocoulm.  I’ll take the Jibblies.

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