Friday News Round-Up 8/8-8/14/15

We all know we’re not supposed to wear plaid and stripes together, and yet we do not know not to wear coffee beans and Dilbert comics together, but somehow we don’t do it anyways.  Welcome to the Friday News Round-up.

A year after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the city spent another week in a “State of Emergency,” after there was a scuffle between Tyrone Harris Jr and some plain clothes cops. About this shooting, older white male Denis Hamill of the New York Daily News encouraged us to “give the Ferguson cops who shot and wounded Tyrone Harris Jr. the benefit of the doubt,” and most damning of all commented “It is imperative that the facts come out before we in the media and those in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement reignite the flames of Ferguson.”  This call for “peace” in Ferguson is on the lips of many on all sides of conservative and liberal, white and black, male and female, tall and short.  Somehow these voices figure that the best way for the African American community to get what they want is to act in the peaceful manner prescribed by the very institution they’re trying to fight.  Further, it seems we’re conflating order and chaos with peace and violence, when it should be fairly plane that our “order” is a fairly violent world.  Seriously people, read Xenogenesis: Dawn by Octavia Butler.

Tyrone Harris

Relations between Cuba and the USA grow more amicable as we proudly raise our flag over their island nation, as if raising a flag over someone’s land is ever just friendly.

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The physical marker denoting the prim meridian line has been discovered to be 334 feet off from the actual place where an imaginary line divides the eastern hemisphere from the west.  The actual place of an imaginary line.  Toy with that as you will.


There was a massive explosion Wednesday in China’s City of Tianjin.  The blast was caused when a warehouse full of toxic and volatile chemicals caught fire.  The cause of this fire remains unclear.  50 are dead and 700 are hospitalized, and buildings in the surround area totally destroyed.  It stands as a solemn reminder that Nukes and dirty bombs are simply products of the true weapon of mass destruction: industry.


And finally, popular singer Rihanna has been announced as an adviser for the 9th season of NBC’s The Voice.  I hope this doesn’t spell the end of Rihanna’s career but instead a new flourishing of lyrically subversive pop music.  I don’t know if anything that that makes it into the top 40 can truly be called “transgressive,” but she did once sing the line “Sex in the air, I don’t care.  I love the smell of it” and that’s way more shocking than anything on the radio besides Hoozier’s LeVayian-Satanist hymn Take me to Church.  That’s gotta count for something.  I get worried when you can listen to top 40 hits in the car with your mom without being embarrassed.


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