The Friday News Round-Up 8/1/-8/7/15

The role of the press is to kill people and break things.  Welcome to the Friday News Round-up.

Last night Fox News hosted a both a prime time and a day time debate, the first debates for those seeking the republican nomination for president of these united states.  Finally something that’s been true for years is being made clear, American politics are theater.  Also, apparently it’s still possible to say the term “If my daughters are like….THAT” on national TV and not come off as a bigot.   I am excited for 2020’s RNC debates in THE THUNDERDOME.


This week, the country that gave us books like this:

kama sutra

and relics like this:

shiva lingam

and Goddesses like this:

attempted to ban internet porn.  It didn’t work.

Please pay no attention to the wandering lizard man spotted this week in South Carolina.  It will only remind you that we don’t really know what’s going on.


North Africans are immigrating en masse to Europe.  A conservative strain in Europe wants to keep them out.  For some reason in our world ruled by large non-centralized corporations and the internet they still take the concept of the nation state’s borders seriously.

And finally, the first trailer of this September’s Stonewall dropped on Wednesday.  This film will be a musical directed by John Waters, with dream sequences by Kenneth Anger, and music by Elton John and Mika.  It has an all-star and absolutely fabulous cast of: RuPaul, Laverne Cox, Margaret Cho, Nathan Lane, introducing Davey Wavey as “The little Twink that could” and with special appearances by Cher.

No just kidding, that movie would be too gay for “liberal” Hollywood.  It’s by the same dude who directed Godzilla (who is incidentally, not iconically, gay) and stars straight white people.  Remember when the queer community was dynamic, and arty, and campy all at once?  Let’s go back to that.

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