Welcome to Everything is Dianetics


In 1950 Hubbard published his Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, which was actually briefly received well by the public  before being totally shut down by a handful of prominent scientific institutions as “pseudoscience.”  But alas, it’s still stumbling along and I know plenty of happy scientologists who sincerely get something out of the auditing process prescribed by Hubbard (stories of cleaning bathrooms with their tongue not withstanding).[1]

So then what do I mean by “Everything is Dianetics?”  It’s my way of stating that all of our thoughts, philosophies, facts, beliefs, theories, truths, discoveries, our sciences and our theologies are really akin to Hubbard’s Dianetics.  That is to say they’re made up self-help spruced up by some Greek sounding jargon.   It just so happens that some of these thought-ways pleased the right people and institutions at the right time and now seem normal and rational.  So really, when I say “everything is Dianetics” I’m just carrying the torch of post-modernism (itself a Dianetics) in my own, glib fashion.

So realistically, what can you expect from this blog? I can’t just keep writing articles over and over again where the punch line is “everything is Dianetics.”  Certainly it’s always in the back of my mind, but writing a 100 articles pointing out that your religion or your science is bullshit would just be repetitive, untenable, and un-enlightening.  Instead, expect engagement with religion and science.  I might tackle them on their own terms.  I might analyze discourses around the two.  I may point out when the two are acting like each other.   And yes, I might point out when they behave like Scientology. All of this is done understanding that I too am really only spewing my own made-up system of knowing things[2], my personal Dianetics.

As I believe “everything is Dianetics” you should expect plenty of posts that champion fringy topics.  Why are people who believe in Jesus Christ, dark matter, or democracy considered sane while people who believe in aliens, clairvoyance, or the illuminati off-kilter?  That doesn’t seem fair.  At the end of the day, humans can only operate in three dimensions, are slaves to the fourth, and have explored the tiniest fraction of both macro and micro cosmos.  No one really knows what’s going on.  All we can do is cling to our Dianetics with fear and trembling.  Might as well choose a fun world-view while you’re at it.

Lucifer rising UFO

Also, movie reviews.  You can expect movie reviews.

[1] Ok, I only know one Scientologist, but they don’t seem too wounded by it.

[2] The Greek Jargon is Epistemology, now do you take me seriously?

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